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Winning the Prize


It was a dark and stormy night. Everyone in the house was asleep... except for Katey, Kristen and Kelly. They were telling the funniest stories they could think of to get their minds off the scary storm. SUDDENLY the door opened and made a noise. "CREEEEK" the noise said. Kristen, Katey and Kelly all hid under the covers. Kristen whispered "What was that?" in a scared and quiet voice. "I don't know," whispered Kelly, "...but if we find out we could win some sort of prize like we always hoped for." So Kelly took a peek out the covers but saw nothing. So Kelly, Katey and Kristen went down stairs. They searched each room high and low but they still found nothing.

Kelly took a closer look at the ground. Kelly found a bag of lettuce and carrots lying on the ground and a whole track leading to the dining room. Kelly, Katey and Kristen slowly tiptoed softly into the dining room. Katey softly moaned, "I'm tired. Can I go back to sleep and win the prize tomorrow?" "No," whispered Kelly.

CHAPTER TWO: Have you Seen the Wild, Hairy Beast?

When Kelly, Kristen and Katey couldn't walk anymore, they drifted off to sleep on the floor in the kitchen. The next morning when their parents Milinda Peterson and James Peterson saw them lying on the floor, they woke the girls up and asked why they were on the floor. Kristen said, "It's a long story." James looked at his watch. He saw what time it was and said, "It's 8:15. We're gonna be late for school." Kelly, Kristen and Katey rushed and did everything they needed to do: eat breakfast, get dressed, style hair, brush teeth, put shoes on, pack backpacks and get in the car. At school Kelly, Kristen and Katey asked literally everybody in the school if they had seen the wild, hairy beast. No one knew a clue about him.


When Kelly, Kristen and Katey got home it was 10:00 because Kelly, Kristen and Katey went to soccer practice. That night, Kelly, Kristen and Katey searched more and more for the beast and FINALLY, after looking for hours, hours and hours, they finally found it but this was no beast at all. It was their white, furry BUNNY! The lettuce and carrots were what she had eaten. The noise was Snuggles looking for her chew toy and the prize was a big valuable lesson: Never ever think noises and clues are always clues since Kelly, Kristen and Katey have been finding so many clues for eight weeks! The End.

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