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Blackhawkia Adventures: Raining Gold


Once upon a time there lived two beautiful girls. One a fairy and one a mermaid. Their names were Maya and Olivia. One day the girls learned a legend in school. It was, if you find the magical land full of unicorns, friends, ponies and all kinds of magic, you will get to see raining gold. But there was a hunter obsessed with finding that place. A teacher said the magical place was called Magicplex. Ever since that day Maya and Olivia have been searching to find Magicplex. They searched every place they could find on their planet. When they finally got home there was a lever on the bedroom wall. They pulled it and found a tunnel.


The girls were shocked! They had never felt so much emotion before. There was a track of water leading into the dark. Maya carried Olivia through. When they were almost at the end they saw a cute, white poodle. It barked at the girls and showed its sharp, scary teeth, and then it turned into a zombie! The girls ran and ran because they wanted to keep their brains. Finally, when they lost the poodle, the girls found... THE HUNTER! The girls kept running until it felt like their feet and tail came off. Behind the girls they found a sign that said Magicplex!


The girls ran, ran and ran, but then they saw a light getting bigger and BIGGER. The light turned into... A RAINBOW! The rainbow was made of solid gold, so was the stuff raining down from it! There was gold everywhere! SUDDENLY they saw the hunter on top of the rainbow. Olivia and Maya climbed up purple. There they caught him. "Were you girls really foolish enough to face the most powerful man in the world?" he asked. "Well, technically we want the gold to be ours so we're not really trying to hurt you," said Maya. "We're gonna do anything to get that gold out of the wrong hands!" said Olivia. Maya kicked the Hunter and started to wrestle. "Looks like whoever falls loses," said Maya. Olivia tripped over a color.


"Looks like its time to end this!" said the hunter, holding a sword. Maya used her ice powers and shot him off. She accidentally froze Olivia off, too. Olivia was falling closer and closer to the ground. Maya flew down and got gold to break Olivia's fall. Maya didn't make it and Olivia fell. Maya cried and cried. Olivia gone crushed Maya's soul. When Maya's final tear slowly burst out with love, it landed on Olivia's heart. That tear slowly went into the heart and brought Olivia back to life. Then, Olivia and Maya lived happily ever after. The End.

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