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The Mystery of the Missing Wolf

Chapter ONE: The Big Happy Family

Once upon a time there lived a pack of wolves. It was a family of three. Mom, Dad and Michel. Mom and Dad were 30 each but they have only been married for 4 years. Michel was just a small 3-year-old wolf cub. Michel knew he was small but he wanted to do something big so, one day, Michel went on a little stroll thinking it would give him an idea. Michel looked all around when all the humans thought he was a stray husky.

Chapter TWO: The New Friend

After 20 minutes of searching, Michel found another wolf cub and this cub was only 2. They talked and they kind of started to like each other. Afterwards Michel thought about the cub so he decided to take her home. Mom and Dad were not happy. They were proud of Michel but they thought this huge decision was crazy!!! The family decided to let her stay for one night but just 1.

Chapter THREE: The Missing Pup

Michel named her Maya. He thought it was a wonderful name. So did Maya. That night the small family gave her a tiny, soft spot in the center of there cave. Michel and his family couldn't sleep. Something just felt wrong. Maya was an awesome young girl but something wasn't right. TO BE CONTINUED...

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